The Challenge

As this Silicon Valley family foundation scaled up, its president sought strategic communications to strengthen its identity as a national innovator and grant-maker in the field of youth mentorship.  



MDC embedded its services with its cross-sector team to fortify its brand using persuasive content and communications. Through videos and long-form journalism, MDC identified and lifted up best practices and highlighted successful mentoring programs across the country. 



This new content, combined with a strategic digital approach, brought thousands of followers to Thrive social media properties while grantees utilized Thrive’s social media assets, video and stories to engage followers on their sites. 



Helping Boys Become Men—and Stay Alive in Chicago

MDC created this long-form story for Thrive as part of the eight part video and written word series on effective youth programs across the country.

Shaping Research for Different Audiences

When Thrive’s Research & Evaluation Director identified the common factors of successful mentoring programs, he wanted his findings to be useful for grantees and other mentoring programs – as well as for other researchers in the field.

MDC collaborated with the director to shape his research for both audiences and promote it to program staff who worked directly with the youth, while offering more detailed results for researchers.

MDC was such a great source of energy, inspiration, knowledge and deep experience for every member of my team. They helped us through a challenging transition, made our grantees work come alive, shaped our research and brought thousands to engage with us on social media.

Nicole Taylor, CEO, Thrive Foundation (former)