The Challenge

When newly arrived CEO Robert Phillips sought to set forth his vision for Social Interest Solutions and position his leadership in the field, he asked MDC to support his launch.



MDC began its engagement by researching and laying out this executive’s positioning in the civic and government tech spheres and executing the start of his thought leadership plan. MDC also implemented his social media and communications.



With thought pieces, presentations, communication strategies and planning, MDC positioned this CEO to move his company forward, meet its clients’ challenges and achieve positive change across the country. 



Unlocking Government's Potential through Fairness and Equity

"Equality – everyone gets the same thing at the same time, regardless of whether one has an advantage or not – is important. However, equality won’t be achieved without fairness and opportunity – when everyone has the access to fair and equal treatment regardless of who they are or where they live. This is known in policy circles as social equity."