What is your craft? 

I am an art director. I combine communication design, photography and creative conceptualizing to bring an idea from thought into reality.

Tell us about a favorite project. 

I love projects that connect with audiences for the greater good and that I relate to. The YMCA started an initiative around a crisis that is very seldom talked about: youth of color are drowning at alarming rates. Not only in pools, but also at home and in lakes. Growing up in the swimming pool, I felt personally called to work on this PSA campaign. I assisted in creating visuals to convey to multicultural audiences the importance of water safety to – even if you can’t swim.

What is your secret power?  

“Patience is the key which solves all problems.” Sudanese proverb. My secret power is the ability to see through projects through all waves of calm as well as instability. Understanding the client and project is key to having patience throughout the process of solving their problem.

Describe a mentor of yours.  

My mentors are the members of my community who we don’t see. Those who do profound work without asking for credit. Who are builders of our society. Who wear multiple hats but never lose their cool; single parents, independent artists, city workers, farmers, teachers, small business owners, etc.