What is your craft? 

Strategy, specializing in digital communications. I use strategic communications and social media savvy to help organizations make this world a better place. The success of a cause or campaign depends on whether we can make a strong enough connection with others to activate change – either at a high policy level, or at an individual level. My job is to make this happen.

Tell us about a favorite project. 

I've worked on so many interesting projects, but my favorite has to be the #ChildrenCanThrive campaign for the Center for Youth Wellness. We designed the campaign to spread the word among pediatricians about the impact of early traumatic experiences on children's developing brains and bodies. The campaign evolved into a message of hope that shares research and tools with parents, so they can recognize and help heal the effects of toxic stress in their children. It's was an empowering campaign, and I really enjoyed that.

What is your secret power? 

I have a few –I work really hard, and I'm an eternal optimist with a wicked sense of humor. These traits always give me an edge.

Describe a mentor or yours.

Years ago, I had the great fortune to work with several talented and courageous labor leaders who believed that there is strength in numbers and that everyday people--our mothers, fathers, grandparents, children-- can, and do, organize for change. One of my most special mentors once pointed at an elderly woman standing in the crowd at a rally, her face aglow with emotion and joy, and said, "See that woman over there? She's going to change the world." I totally believed him, and it's that belief in people's abilities to come together for good that keeps me going.