Planning a Conference? Get Your Theater On


Thank you to frank 2017 organizers (University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications) for bringing a bit of arts back into our communicator world. I mean, it makes sense, right? Especially now, our approach to change behavior relies on our ability to engage our audiences. Words are good–but the way we communicate best is through story and metaphor – live action, movement, design and art. I often find myself trying to convince my nonprofit clients to spend money on creative endeavors for social media, on film and visual arts; no secret that we’re competing in a crowded world of corporate branding and their social cause marketing–and it’s good.

Taylor Tringali: Draw your Cow -    Change the World

Taylor Tringali: Draw your Cow - Change the World

At frank, I got a good dose of arty engagement and look forward to returning. Here are some ways that Frank worked for me and could work for your next conference:

• Gotta, gotta have an MC! Lizz Winstead was inspirational, sharp, and hysterically funny. 

• 15 minutes stylized Ted Talks were the way to go (for at least for some of the time).  I loved hearing and watching all the different personalities, styles, and ways each presenter approached their material. You can see all the talks here.

• Music and video – OK, everyone did bring their powerpoint, but nothing like “Hello from the other side,” giving your brain a little prod before listening to the next presenter.

• Theater people! Loved hanging around with the theater folks; loved that Changeville, a music/social change festival was happening at the same time.

Bridgit Evans:    My Year of Breaking Open

This was all the doing of the frank organizers. Thank you. Maybe next time, we can throw in a little dance???


Melissa Daar Carvajal