Jay Dunn

What is your craft? 

Multimedia Storytelling. I'm a humanitarian photojournalist with a good deal of international experience. My specialty is multimedia – integrating photography and video with the voices of my subjects, and the rich audio that surrounds them. I want those who experience my stories to be able to close their eyes, and just be there, or find in a photograph the heart that defines us all.

Tell us about a favorite project. 

In collaboration with the Packard Foundation, the website, StoriesfromSalinas.org.  These stories are part of a three-year project called the Salinas Youth Initiative, which celebrates the people and programs that are empowering and inspiring youth in east Salinas, California.

What is your secret power

I'm a really good listener. I like my subjects to tell their own stories – the art of what I do, whether it is visual or aural, is distilling the complex into something everyone can understand.

Describe a mentor of yours. 

My parents, who always encouraged me to follow my own star. Over the years, they have steadfastly supported my choices. They are quintessential diplomats, humanitarians both, and the best mentors I could imagine.