Kenny Foster

What is your craft? 

Communications. I've dedicated my work to social justice focused groups and institutions. I strive to effectively communicate someone's message they way they visualize it in their head. 

Tell us about a favorite project.  

My favorite project was working with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and the Center for Youth Wellness because they have an ambitious goal that I wanted to help them reach. I believe in her and CYW so this made me strive to give 110%.

What is your secret power?  

My secret power is my unique background, my father, a black man who grew up in segregated Mississippi, offers me first hand accounts of the injustices he lived through. 

Describe a mentor of yours

My mother a Salvadorian national from El Salvador, immigrated because of the civil war in the 80s. She and my uncles witnessed and were affected by the atrocities of that era. The experiences of my parents are things I carry with me and grounds me in why I do the work that I do.