Paige Bierma

What is your craft? 

Filmmaking and visual storytelling. I split my time between creating documentary films and producing dynamic videos for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. I love working with clients to develop a creative strategy that will communicate their key messages in the most engaging and dynamic way possible.

Tell us about a favorite project.  

My favorite project right now is a secret; shhhhhh. That said, I truly enjoyed working with MDC to create a series of videos for the Thrive Foundation for Youth that profiled amazing non-profit organizations that mentor youth, including Youth Radio, Girls Inc. and Friends of the Children.

What is your secret power?

My secret power is putting people at ease in front of my camera and getting them to open up and tell their stories. 

Describe a mentor of yours.

I’ve had many mentors throughout my career from newspaper reporter to filmmaker! Bay Area investigative journalist and editor Diana Hembree has been an endless source of inspiration and support who coached me through stories at the Center for Investigative Reporting and beyond. And Bay Area documentary filmmaker David Brown gave me the courage to pour my passion into directing and shooting my first short documentary, A Brush With the Tenderloin, which ended up winning an Emmy award.