Radhika Sharma

What is your craft? 

Digital media strategy, including social media, analytics, creative and content creation.

Tell us about a favorite project. 

I have been actively documenting the social, political, educational changes that have revolutionized marches, movements, and protests across the Bay Area. This project is my way of capturing one picture, one word, one story, to symbolize and represent a revolutionary moment of time in our history.

What is your secret power? 

My secret power is my unique view of the world and my open-mindedness, both of which I strongly believe are very important in this ever-changing world.

Describe a mentor of yours.

 My parents uprooted their lives in 1978 from small villages in India to emigrate to America for a better live for their future family. As immigrants, my parents faced many struggles along their way to success. However, they worked even harder to break down those barriers until eventually owning their own business. Fast forward to the present day, my parents are now proud owners of four businesses, which my dad built himself from the ground up. My parent’s hard work and determination is what drives my motivation to continue working hard to achieve my dreams!