Our Process

It takes creativity, innovation and seamless implementation to scale a great program. Catchy taglines and good content help, but they will not set a program apart from the rest. 

Our approach begins with deep collaboration. We begin our project by first establishing our relationship with you. Our goal is not to employ some Mad Men genius in a back room, but rather facilitate a creative rapport between us. We strongly believe that this kind of collaboration is what nets rich material for creating effective communications. We know that good communications reflects the true mission and values of the organization – and this is what we seek to articulate. 

We believe that good communications are based on solid research. We work with you to determine what kind of research fits your objective best. Some projects require the use of stakeholder interviews, focus groups, or surveys; other projects benefit from human-centered design. Our team is experienced in selecting the appropriate research that will provide the necessary information to create compelling communications.

Through our creative process, that information is distilled into the communications we will develop in collaboration with you. However, we believe communications are not conveyed through a single story or asset, but rather an ongoing lively story that brings impact to fruition.